perils of the positive

I am not an optimist but don’t like to think of myself as a pessimist either because pessimist = bad. So over the course of time, I’ve settled on “realist.”

You may be thinking, “Why not be an optimist?” Well, for starters, I’m not. It would be like saying, “Why not be a man?”

Also optimists annoy me and I don’t want to annoy myself anymore than I do right now. The casual optimist is fine. The friend who cheers me up, for example, is more than welcome in my life. It is the others….

Several years ago I worked with someone who managed to insert “super-awesome” into emails, conversations with ease. I developed a tic just hearing it. Sometimes I just don’t want to make lemonade, I want to bitch and gripe.

2 thoughts on “perils of the positive

  1. This is great stuff. Thanks!!!!
    (It pains me to even tap the same key so many times in a row, but for you, it is worth it. If only emoticons were as easy.) Smiley. Smiley. Super Smiley.

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