“noise for the sake of noise”

I must credit my mother, not only for the title of this post, but for the concept. I will admit that as a young person, I did not understand her gripe, but now, at 54, I am with her — completely. At the risk of sounding like Andy Rooney . . .

What is with the nonstop music? Bad enough we had elevator music, but now stores have music, restaurants have music, malls have music, games have music. You can’t hear any conversation, much less hear yourself think.

do not go to a restaurant to listen to a CD. If I wanted to do that, I would have stayed home with earphones stuck in my ears. I came to 1. eat and 2. socialize and that stupid music makes both difficult (oh, okay, I can eat while the music blares.)

Which brings me to sporting events. What if one could go to a baseball game and the only thing to do was watch baseball? No rockin’ tunes, no t-shirts cannons, no free pizzas based on your seat or row, the number of walks or runs or score differential. No kiss cam, no individual running around in a costume acting stupid.

When we got annoyingly loud, my Mom complained that we were making “noise for the sake of noise.” We snickered but I am not snickering anymore. Bring on the silence.

2 thoughts on ““noise for the sake of noise”

  1. And what is with the people walking down sidewalks, waiting for buses, everyactivity with earbuds stuck in their ears? “Unsafe!” I find myself yelling at them. Someone could run into you, assault you, etc and you would literally never hear them coming. But the problem is not new. When I was in high school, one of the wise nuns ( who would have been in her 20’s at the time) cautioned us to not be afraid of silence because we would become afraid of being with ourselves. I have thought of that often through the years.

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